Vinyl Wood FlooringVinyl wood flooring today comes in super-realistic and highly practical natural wood designs that you would expect to see in premium traditional wood flooring. Extensive colors and styles create opportunities for functional spaces that are customized to suit your brand identity or taste. The term “vinyl wood flooring” should really be Resilient Vinyl Flooring.

State of the art production techniques and processes give you the visual appearance of real wood, with the low maintenance benefits that come with vinyl flooring. Species like oak, chestnut, cedar, pine, maple and hickory are some varieties of popular wood that can be found among vinyl wood flooring styles.

In addition, they are water-resistant and have a unique texture under your feet. Colors with varying shades and tones can be found, just as it is with natural wood options. Get no compromises on the aesthetics of natural wood floors at reasonable pricing.

Why Vinyl Wood Flooring?

  1. Vinyl wood flooring can withstand the toughest tests of a family lifestyle, with some styles having a special surface layer that resists scratches and scuffing for years to come. If you have pets or children, with vinyl flooring there is no need to think twice!
  2. Vinyl flooring, in general, has come a long way from the old vinyl flooring of your childhood years. With innovative designs and stylish choices, any number of flooring materials can be recreated to match the real thing.
  3. Whether it is for offices, education and medical buildings, leisure or retail outlets, vinyl wood flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for its durability and cost efficiency. It is warm underfoot, absorbs noise, and can be installed hassle-free.

Vinyl wood flooring will last for years to come and is created in keeping with the authenticity of natural hardwood flooring, leading to a radiant lifelike copy that is as close to the original as it can get. Exceptional dimensional stability and floors that look brand new without frequent maintenance, makes this product a preferred option.

Try vinyl wood flooring today to liven up your workspace or home. Stylish options range from refined subtle shades to expressive warm tones of wood, that can light up any environment and foster a sense of well-being.

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