The New Discount Flooring LiquidatorsWelcome to Discount Flooring Liquidators brand new website, we’ve been working on the new site every day for a solid 8 months. With “User-Friendly” in mind on a constant basis. We’ve built in some pretty cool features enabling you to find what you need faster.

We know from experience when a potential customer gets on our website and cannot find what they need, they leave and go somewhere else where they can. Sifting through a few thousand products takes a lot of time, and one thing about people surfing and looking for a certain product, nobody has any extra time their willing to give up. Google refers to and grades your website on this, it’s referred to as your “Bounce Rate”. Our Bounce rate was hitting the moon and it was very obvious we needed to make some major changes.

To better serve our customers we started from scratch and built a totally different and better website. We built some Filters to help you find what you need. These filters are awesome.

For example, say you’re on the “Hardwood Page“. You are looking for some hardwood that is Oak, not Hickory or Bamboo. You want it to be engineered hardwood, not solid hardwood. You want it Smooth not wire brushed or scraped. You want a medium shade instead of a dark shade.

Laminate FilterWe built a custom Filter System where you can input whatever parameters you want and need and “Bang”, they’re your choices right in front of you. You probably know how frustrating it can be when a website isn’t set up right and you have to search for what you need forever.

We did the same thing for our Laminate Page and our Resilient Vinyl Page. Make sure to play with them and you’ll see how fun and efficient they are.

Discount Flooring Liquidators Area Rugs

We had a challenge with the Area Rugs and how to get our customers the best choices available. So we started Discount Flooring Liquidators Design Your Own Area Rug Program.

We built the software so you can literally build an Area Rug from scratch that looks good and matches everything in your room. You can swap out the main rug and the borders until you have exactly what you want.

We then custom build the rug to YOUR specifications. Awesome to say the least, fun and you get exactly what you want for any room in your home.

So “Welcome” to Discount Flooring Liquidators new website.

Discount Flooring Liquidators
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