Laminate Flooring UnderlayMost companies advise that you install a laminate flooring underlay before putting the laminate flooring. Unless you have bought a laminate flooring that already has an underlay, laminate flooring underlay is a must. Many people don’t install an underlay as their base floor is already moisture resistant or they don’t want to lose the hardwood feel.

If you are having a laminate floor installed and have a laminate flooring underlay, the effect does make your laminate flooring feel different from hardwood. When someone steps on a laminate flooring it feels lighter and muffles your footsteps. Having an underlay doesn’t exhibit this difference.

Why you need Laminate Flooring Underlay

Where you want to install laminate flooring, you are advised to install underlay for several reasons. Let’s see why:

  1. If you have a laminate flooring underlay, it becomes easier to install the flooring. Companies suggest that you put an underlay so that no damage happens to the laminate itself. Companies don’t want their customers to come back with damaged laminate flooring because of uneven underlay.
  2. In spite of the four layers, laminate flooring is thin compared to hardwood and tile. Laminate flooring underlay helps in getting a sturdy feel and doesn’t feel hollow. It has the hard and solid feel of hardwood.
  3. If it’s not your first flooring, your base is bound to be imperfect. You must have some debris of your previous flooring sticking up. Bits of tile, frayed carpet and wood chips are common things found in base floors. If you install your laminate flooring on that, it might be imperfect. The flooring might be uneven. Laminate flooring underlay is important to have minimum damage and ensure a quality install.
  4. It also prevents moisture from permeating into the laminate. There are no shields on the underside to prevent moisture, so underlay is important.

Before you install a laminate flooring always have an underlay to achieve best results on your flooring.

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