Wood tends to be a favorite option for flooring, and a wide variety of wood-like floor covering materials are now available in the market for use. When it comes to choosing real hardwood flooring for making a room beautiful and strong, you have two major options: solid wood flooring for sale and engineered hardwood flooring. Though a choice between these 2 types of flooring can be made to individual preference but both of them are capable of adding value, appeal, and strength to your home.

Let’s have a look at some of the key aspects of solid wood flooring for sale in order to pick up the right one meeting your needs, budget and penchant.

Solid wood flooring is single piece timber boards mainly used for structural works, being set up upright to the wooden beams supporting a building otherwise known as bearers or joists. They are mostly ¾” in thickness and a great option for people who like to sand and refine their hardwood floors frequently. There is a large collection of Solid wood flooring for sale to add sophistication to any size and type of home and can suit areas like the dining hall, bedroom, living room and hallway.

However, humidity affected regions like the kitchen or the basement may demand extra maintenance for solid hardwood floors. You will have access to different designs and patterns in the solid wood floor for sale.

                    Solid wood flooring for Sale

Reacts to humidity variations

Solid hardwood floor is a pure natural hardwood product that reacts to the difference in humidity level. In order to prevent regular gaping from the wall and to minimize the floor movement, the humidity level inside the home needs to be maintained at 45-55% all over the year.

Minor expansion & contraction

Due to natural wood composition, solid wood flooring for sale is likely to expand and contract a little with a change in room temperature as well as humidity level. However, the change in dimension will be negligible and go unnoticed.

Durable pieces of flooring

Solid hardwood floors are no doubt durable, but their longevity depends on the kind of floor finish do you have.

Subfloor installation

Solid hardwood needs to be installed on OSB subfloors, present wooden floors or plywood using staple down or nail down the installation process.

Earth friendly

Solid wood flooring for sale is a perfectly natural and earth friendly choice for floor covering.

                Solid wood flooring for Sale


Based on the board size, cost of timber, as well as the type of manufacturing process and designs or patterns, rates of solid hardwood may differ.

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