When it comes to selecting flooring for home, hardwood flooring wins handsomely as the popular choice. The strength, resilience, and durability along with the timeless classic appeal of wood are hard to match. Here is an extensive look at the pricing and the factors which affect the hardwood flooring cost in Louisville.
An average estimation of cost with installation charges can be approximately around 2.00 to 4.00 per sq ft for budget hardwood flooring. There are a few things which affect the price of a hardwood floor though –

The Type of Floor – Solid or EngineeredShaw Floors Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is made of one solid piece of wood. As the name implies solid wood is definitely costlier than any other variety of wood flooring. A good estimate of Solid hardwood floorings will be $3 to $15 per sq ft.

Engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured by pressing multiple layers of wood components and veneer together. Engineered hardwood floor costs $4 to $14 per sq ft.
One needs to weigh the options carefully and choose between these two types of wood. Solid wood will provide the classic timeless appeal of the wood but is more susceptible to moisture and humidity. With modern staining processes, it is hard to differentiate between solid and engineered woods by looking and at the higher quality end both the floorings perform almost equally.

The Wood Species Used

The term hardwood flooring defines the kind of timber used for flooring. Quite a few hardwood trees abound in America and their strength is almost legendary. Hickory, Maple, white oak are some of the popular trees used in hardwood flooring. In reality the harder the tree, the costlier it will be.
Other than the look the durability and the hardness of the wood should also be considered. If you have children and pets in your family, the priority should be more on durability and hardness than the look.

Hardwood flooring is also available in other exotic woods like walnut, rosewood etc. The cost of these floors will be much more than normal hardwood. It is better to consider the exotic woods for specific spaces and purposes.

Pre-finished or Unfinished Floors

Anderson Floors HardwoodThe Pre-finished floorings are finished in the factory with stains and surface coatings. Textures and shades are also applied on the wood. Prefinished floors are designed for easy installation.
To have a customized flooring, un- finished flooring is the best option. You can select the finish, shine, and shade according to your choice and design. Unfinished floors are definitely less costly than prefinished floors.

Surface, Texture, and Finish of the Flooring

Textures, patterns, and color are unique to each wood. Often the natural texture and hues have to be highlighted carefully by handcrafting. Some old and reputed companies like Anderson Hardwood floorings offer hand scraped, distressed or shining surfaces done beautifully by skilled artisans. We offer both Anderson Hardwood and Shaw Floors Hardwood for a better price when searching for hardwood flooring cost in Louisville. The surface and finishing off the most machine milled budget flooring will be lesser than the handcrafted premium ones.

Wood occurs naturally and is costlier than many other natural or artificial products. But if the cost of hardwood flooring along with installation charges is weighed against the warmth, durability, toughness and low maintenance costs, then the initial costs are easily mitigated over the years of use.  If you’re searching for Hardwood Flooring Cost in Louisville, then Discount Flooring Liquidators will save you both time and money.