Buy Resilient VinylThese days, you don’t have to go all out and buy expensive hardwood or stone flooring for that classy look. Vinyl flooring makes gorgeous one-of-a-kind designs and top-notch quality tiles at affordable prices a reality. Long lasting and beautiful flooring is a guarantee when you buy resilient vinyl.

Vinyl flooring can be a great option due to it’s easy to clean surface, durability, and versatility. You can find a wide range of colors and styles that will match any décor in the house – from solid colors to elegant custom printed textures.

Why should you choose to buy resilient vinyl?

We understand that buying your perfect flooring can be a tough choice to make, with the multiple options available in the market today. However, we can simplify the stress by demonstrating why choosing to buy resilient vinyl, can be the solution you’ve been looking for all along.

  1. Vinyl floors have a high degree of resistance to staining, flammability, mildew and water, making it a good choice for homes with children and busy families. They also do well in areas with heavy foot traffic such as kitchens, entryways or passages.
  2. Installation is a breeze in most cases. Depending on the installation process you select, click-and-lock installation does away with the mess associated with glue.
  3. If you like DIY projects, then you are in luck! No matter what kind of installation process you choose to go with, DIY installation and setting up is one of the perks possible when you buy resilient vinyl from Shaw Floors.
  4. Besides easy installation, when you buy resilient vinyl plank or tile, replacement is hassle-free in case there is any chipping or cracks. One only has to remove the damaged plank or tile and replace it with the new one.

Be inspired with exceptional styles and variations of vinyl textures such as tile, stone, hardwood and more. Today’s vinyl flooring has new age natural designs that transform the look of your home or office.

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