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As suggested by its name, laminate flooring consists of several layers synthetic materials laminated together. It could look like wood or stone as the photographic appliqué layer present beneath the protective clear layer projects.

Fiberboard and melamine resin are usually used for the inner layers of the flooring. Many people today tend to buy laminate flooring and two possible reasons behind this could be the hassle free installation and the ease of maintenance.

Structural Aspects and Why You Should Buy Laminate Flooring

Like other flooring types, this one too has many layers. The bottom most layer is known as ‘backing’ and its purpose is to prevent the adverse effects of moisture. The inner core which comes right above this is meant to further prevent moisture from acting.

The image layer comes next where a high-resolution image of stone, wood or other materials appear. You can find all existing varieties when you buy laminate flooring from Discount Flooring Liquidators. The topmost layer is like a lamination which protects the flooring from wear and tear.

Laminate flooring was introduced as an alternative to expensive wooden flooring – they came with a wood-like appearance but at nearly half the price. In its initial days, laminate flooring looked fake.

Today, the advancement of printing technologies has enabled the creation of laminate flooring which is so close to original wood that even experts can be fooled! Whether you want to buy laminate flooring or wish to stick with hardwood should be decided on the basis of your lifestyle and budget.

If you have a lot of family members or kids and pets that tend to scratch the floor or drop things, then you can buy laminate flooring. It is right for those who don’t have too much time for maintenance or cannot be cautious all the time.

However, too much dust may scratch the upper layer of laminate flooring ruining its smooth appearance. Though laminate flooring is traditionally much cheaper than hardwood this too depends on the kind of flooring you choose.

Consider buying laminate flooring and check out Discount Flooring Liquidators to see for the shades and varieties available.

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